November 19, Wine Tasting

November 19, Wine Tasting

May be sung to “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” (1) (inspired by a cartoon in a Paso Robles winery bathroom!)


Two old cowpokes named Jake and Jed rode into town one day

To taste some wines, for there were new releases on the way.

And there were new varietals in ads they both had seen.

They buckled on their forty fours, in case some drunks got mean.


They rode up to the tasting room and to the hitching post,

Tied up their horses, went in, and were greeted by the host.

And then the host said, “Tell me, what’s your pleasure, gentlemen?”

And Jed said, “We are here to taste the new wines you got in.”


Yippie Yi Ay!  Yippie Yi Oh!  New wines they just got in.


The host said, “Let us start with whites; we’ve just released a blend.

“It’s based on Viognier with Sauvignon Blanc, just to lend

“Some spiciness and grassiness your nose gets right away.”

Jed took a sip and spat and said, “That’s CostCo Chardonnay!”


Yippie Yi Ay!  Yippie Yi Oh!  That’s CostCo Chardonnay!


The host said, “That’s an insult!  We don’t want your kind around!”

Jed drew his gun and fired and the host crumpled to the ground.

The whole room watched in silence as the host’s life drained away.

Then Jake said, “Hold on, Jed, I think this is a Viognier.”


Yippie Yi Ay!  Yippie Yi Oh!  It was a Viognier.


The host found himself standing at a golden, pearly gate.

Saint Peter shook his head and said, “I can’t believe your fate,

“Shot down by some dumb cowboy at your latest wine release

“And, it was Texas, no one even bothered the police.”


Yippie Yi Ay!  Yippie Yi Oh!  Nobody called police.

Yippie Yi Ay!  Yippie Yi Oh!   And Jed moved on to reds.


  • “Ghost Riders in the Sky” was written by Stan Jones in 1948 and has been a big hit for many artists since then. It is one of my all-time favorite western songs.