November 16, Donald Unhinged

Has Donald Trump become unhinged? Is he a hog on ice?
Replacing Biden since he’s old? Is Trump too high a price?
Now Donald wants to gain revenge since voters cast him out.
Should we prepare for cabbage to be turned to sauerkraut?

Undocumented immigrants, confined behind barbed wire,
Are reminiscent of the Jews confined by Adolf’s ire.
Political opponents all indicted for their views:
Professors, intellectuals, artists, and, of course, more Jews.

He’ll weaponize the DOJ with “yes men” from the right,
Just Trump will be determining what is called wrong or right.
Democracy will be dissolved; autocracy will rule,
Depending only on the MAGAts Donald Trump can fool.

Imprisoning the brown folks and indicting all his foes,
Should we let Donald punch democracy right on the nose?
He’s told us what he’s gonna do: install autocracy.
Now Trump has made our choices plain: shit or democracy?

There were three famous autocrats from not so long ago,
Benito first, and Adolf, then Joe Stalin’s one man show.
Two of their deaths were violent, just Stalin wasn’t killed.
Will Donald cause his own demise, his destiny fulfilled?

Should patriots fear Donald Trump? Will our experiment
In standing up to George the Third be turned to excrement?
Or do we think that people, and our women, by the way,
Will fight to save democracy or just let it decay?

Trump wanted to remain in power, stay no matter what.
“Elections aren’t reliable” (since Joe kicked Donald’s butt.)
Trump told his folks he wouldn’t leave; his narcissism spoke.
His “genius” wasn’t recognized by all the common folk.

How many of these problems are from Trump’s mental disease?
Malignant narcissism makes the Donald need to seize
All power for himself alone, none other qualified.
All “vermin” who oppose him should be sliced and diced and fried.

We’ve heard the man; he’s telling us exactly what he’ll do.
There is no ambiguity; democracy…adieu.
The choice is ours and ours alone, so when we vote next Fall,
If Donald Trump can win again, democracy will fall.