May 9, Justice Alito (parody to “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”)

May 9, Justice Alito (Sing to: When Johnny Comes Marching Home)


Alito sat down with pen in hand,

Beware!  Beware!

To write that abortion may be banned,

Beware!  Beware!

He leads the right wing on parade;

He’s overturning Roe v Wade.

For right wingers say abortion must go away.


When reading what Sam Alito writes,

We moan and groan.

He’s taking away our women’s rights.

We moan and groan.

Though Roe v Wade has been the law,

It stands as an egregious flaw,

And survived too long; the precedent’s clearly wrong.


In 1789 they wrote,

Beware!  Beware!

That women and black folks could not vote.

Beware!  Beware!

The Founding Fathers were all men

Their women had few rights back then.

So Alito writes they had no abortion rights.


It looks like the Court has sprung a leak,

Hurrah!  Hurrah!

So all of the public got a peek,

Hurrah!  Hurrah!

Trump’s Justices have cast their vote;

The Federalists all toast and gloat. (1)

Now their right wing dream is making our women scream.


Republicans are our Taliban;

Beware!  Beware!

They’re making us like Afghanistan.

Beware! Beware!

A national abortion ban

May be the next move in their plan. (2)

So, whose rights will fall if right wingers win this Fall?


  • Donald Trump picked his three nominees for the Supreme Court from a list provided by the Federalist Society. One goal was to overturn Roe v Wade.
  • Nancy Pelosi has warned of this and Mitch McConnell admitted it could happen, though he said that he would not change the filibuster to pass it.