May 5, A Million Deaths

May 5, A Million Deaths


We passed a dreaded milestone when a million people died.

A virus jumped from bats to humans; then it spread worldwide.

It flew into the USA less than three years ago.

We made good vaccines quickly but fatalities still grow.


Mutation and selection, Covid 19 understands,

Have made it more infectious; it’s in Darwin’s, not God’s hands.

Some stubborn Trumpists still deny both science and the facts.

So, they remain susceptible; guess whom the bug attacks.


When even Trump announced that we should all take the vaccines,

Most anti-vaxxers (with brains like Australopithicines,) (1)

Along with faithful Christians, mostly white and on the right,

Stayed faithful to their Lord and tribe, which proved they’re not too bright.


So we’ve just passed a million deaths and it’s our own damn fault.

While we’re denying science, Covid keeps up its assault.

Will Covid 19 still kill us in 2023?

Don’t say, “We’re through with Covid;” it’s not through with me and thee.


So, “Viva!  Cinco de Mayo!”  Let’s drink Corona beer.

But don’t imbibe Coronavirus, killer of good cheer.

If you’re not vaccinated and you haven’t had a boost,

The slayer won’t pass over, (as the scientists deduced.) (2)


  • Australopithecines, the best known of which is “Lucy,” arose in East Africa over three million years ago. They were an early step on the evolutionary pathway separating apes from humans.  Like today’s chimpanzees, they had brains about a third the size of Homo sapiens, which some of us are.
  • Some of us just had Passover, as well.