May 31, Blood Sacrifice

May 31, Blood Sacrifice


We’ve made an idol of the gun

And offer it blood sacrifice,

Just like our forebears once had done,

Still children pay the bloody price.


Our idols now are made of steel

With killer angels made of lead.

We sacrifice, then church bells peal

And we lay new sod o’er the dead.


Now crosses stand where children stood,

Their futures gone, their voices stilled.

The thirst for blood, the cross of wood,

The belly of the beast, not filled.


No special day is set aside,

Blood sacrifice, no special times.

Infanticide and homicide

Are tolerated, daily crimes.


The priesthood and the acolytes

Of our gun idols chant their lies.

If they stand for preserving rights,

Then what about the child who dies?


We know that our ancestors thought

Their gods of stone brought crops and rain.

Good will of gods had to be bought

With sacrifices, blood, and pain.


What do our gods of steel give us

For forty thousand lives a year?

Security?  That’s dubious.

They mostly grant blood, death, and fear.


We gave up old idolatry,

When Moses smashed the Golden Calf.

The gun, as god, brings misery.

It’s time to write its epitaph.