Mars Society song contest

Dr. Stephen Baird and his son, Daniel Baird will be performing two songs at the The 8th International Mars Society Conference, to be held August 11-14, 2005 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The conference facilities will be at Folsom Field, Club House Level. The Mars Society is proud to announce that it will hold its Third Rouget de Lisle Award contest for songs celebrating the cause of the human exploration and settlement of space. Baird and son will sing, “Water On Mars,” and “Is There Life On Mars?” from Baird’s two CD’s, Water On Mars and Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgment Day.

A committee of judges selected ten finalists, who were invited to play at the 8th International Mars Society Convention. The audience at the conference will then vote for the winning songs. All finalists, however, will be submitted to Prometheus Records for consideration for its next CD, and will also be forwarded to NASA for possible use as wakeup songs for crews of the International Space Station, the Mars Rovers, and the Cassini spacecraft which is now orbiting Saturn!

We were told, “So tune up your harps, space bards, turn in your songs and prepare to turn out for Boulder. Let your voices ring out into the solar system. Mars needs music, and the Boulder conference is going to be the Woodstock of Mars!

A lot is at stake with this contest. If the Bairds win, we can really say that their music is ‘out of this world!’