Big Blue BBQ and Live Band Fundraiser

Sunday, August 7, 3:30 – 6:30 pm. Big Blue BBQ and Live Band Fundraiser.

Dr. Stephen Baird and the Opossums of Truth will be a major part of the live entertainment. This will be a chance to show off Steve’s political satire (think of a local version of the Capitol Steps) in songs about Dubya’s foibles and fables, stem cell research, evolution vs ‘Intelligent Design,’ the economy and even some ballads about the U.S.A.’s failing to some of our own people and the downtrodden in the world. Just to keep things even more fun, you never know when the band will break into a little ditty about the dangers of sex! CD’s will be for sale at $15 each or our usual conceret special of all 4 for $50.

The featured speaker will be Francine Busby, and special guests: Phil Angelides, Jeeni Criscenzo, Laurel Nicholson, and Vietnam Veteran & Democratic Activist Rick Bolanos (tentative). Sponsored by the Escondido Democratic Club, the Vista/San Marcos Democratic Club, Progressive Democrats of San Diego, and The 2nd Century Project. Traditional BBQ picnic fare and veggie burgers $15 Adult, $10 Senior/Student, or $25 for a Family of 4.

At Felicita Park Picnic Area 6, ($2 park entrance fee) Felicita Rd., Escondido. RSVP to Tania Bowman (760) 839-5610 or Info and order tickets online at