March 30, Deportees? (parody to ‘Deportee’ by Woody Guthrie)

March 30, Deportees?  (May be sung to “Deportee” by Woody Guthrie)


Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson and Graham went sailing.

They took a big gunboat down the Rio Grande.

They needed protection from kids without parents,

Who might swim across and set foot on our land.


The kids are all fleeing from life in their homeland

Because they are told life is better up here.

At home, there are no schools, no food, and no shelter

And each day at home is a day filled with fear.


Chorus:  So, “Hola!” to Juan and “Hola! Rosalita.

You’ve all left your homes and come as refugees.

Bienvenidos a todos,” who hope for asylum,

Except for those who will become deportees.


Republicans say, “Keep them out of our country,

“For they cost us money and bring in disease.

“They threaten our safety with drugs they are muling

“We can tell this all from their brown skins, with ease.”


The Bible tells us we should welcome the strangers

And be good Samaritans, care for their needs.


Republicans make a big deal of religion

But somehow beliefs do not lead to good deeds.


Chorus:  They say, “Goodbye, Juan and goodbye, Rosalita,

“Adios, you’re not wanted, you’ll be leaving soon.

“You’ll be deportees when you get on the airplane.”

Ted Cruz, in First Class, will stop off in Cancun.


Stephen Baird, March, 2021