March 27, Boycott Georgia Business

March 27,  Boycott Georgia Businesses


Take your business out of Georgia;

That includes the NFL,

Braves and Hawks and Coca Cola,

Let’s boycott and give them hell.


Do not fly on Delta Airlines;

We know they’re headquartered where

They don’t want the black folks voting.

Why would you be flying there?


Don’t go out to eat at Arby’s;

Don’t buy goods from Home Depots.

Go and eat your fast food elsewhere;

Home and garden?  Go to Lowe’s.


Throw out GOP lawmakers;

They are rotten to the core.

Too bad we’ve lost General Sherman.

Think back to the Civil War.


Brian Kemp should be resigning;

He’s Jim Crow in coat and tie.

He signed laws suppressing voting,

Laws they based on Trump’s big lie.


Wear a mask when you’re in Georgia,

Or you might catch their disease.

There’s no vaccine yet for racists.

Bigotry spreads on the breeze.