March 30, Crippling Vladimir

March 30, Crippling Vladimir


To cripple Vladimir, get off fossil fuels.

To buy his oil and gas, makes us look like fools.

If Vladimir can’t sell all his oil and gas,

Then he must stay at home and obey the rules.


If Putin cannot sell all his oil and gas,

He can’t afford to be murderous and crass.

He wants to conquer land and be the new Tsar,

Controlling all the news that’s released by TASS.


His soldiers in Ukraine, hoodwinked by their Tsar,

Have got their asses kicked; they’re not up to par.

Their tactics and their plans are incompetent

To claim “success” requires lowering the bar.


The strategies they planned are incompetent.

The failures we observe are a testament,

To the fatal flaws: lies in autocracies,

When one can’t tell the truth to the president.


The problems caused by lies in autocracies

Are similar to those in theocracies.

When truth is not defined by what facts support

But by the kings and priests and their fantasies.


So Putin does not hear what the facts support.

Advisers can’t give him a forthright report.

Those who tell him the truth fear they’ll lose their head.

“Beheading” or exile, Putin does for sport.


To tell the truth to Vlad may cost you your head.

Or, if not your head, at least your daily bread.

His soldiers in the field, dying needlessly,

But, Vlad won’t get the truth; he’ll hear lies instead.