March 20, Come All You Russian People

March 20, Come All You Russian People


Come all you Russian people; please do what you need to do.

Plant Putin next to Stalin; the whole world is begging you.

No one will mourn his passing; check that, maybe Tucker might.

It’s time to rid the world of those who think that might makes right.


Get rid of your dictator, then we’ll next consider Xi.

The gauntlet’s been thrown down; will we defend democracy?

‘Twas nearly 1984, with Putin, Xi, and Trump  (1)

Democracy in hostile hands: was Trump just a speed bump?


Vlad’s threatening atomic bombs on those who interfere

With his invasion of Ukraine, his evil mission clear:

To subjugate a land and people.  For those who oppose,

He’ll bomb their cities, bomb their rubble, rain death on all foes.


With hypersonic missiles, Putin practiced on Ukraine,

Too fast to be shot down before inflicting death and pain.

He’s murdering civilians, hoping that will break their will,

A war crime, plain and simple: people turned into land fill.


It’s up to Russian people to push Putin off the stage.

He gives them ample reason; the Ukraine is an outrage.

A man who thinks he is the Tsar, an absolute monarch,

No, Vlad thinks he is more than that: an absolute “Putarch.” (2)


And Xi is big on thought control, you dare not question him.

His prison camps are full of those who did, the same with Kim.

But Putin needs removal now, to send the message out

To would-be Putarchs everywhere, the people have some clout.


  • “Nineteen eighty four,” or, “1984,” by George Orwell, was published in 1949. This dystopian novel imagines a world divided into three great totalitarian powers, modeled on Stalinist Russia.  Putin and Xi’s societies fit the Orwellian model pretty well.  Trump tried but has not succeeded, yet.
  • I know that “Putarch” is not a word, yet.