March 18, 2022, Tyrants

March 18, 2022, Tyrants


Our homegrown, would-be tyrant failed when Donald lost the vote.

Stupidity, dishonesty: both helped to sink his boat.

And now we’re watching Vladimir as he’s cut down to size,

His failures in Ukraine caused by believing his own lies.


And we’re all watching Xi Jinping, as he’s put to the test,

For Omicron is spreading with no vaccine from the west.

His strategy, just lockdowns: that’s how autocrats control….

But Omicron squeezed through the bars and now it’s on a roll.


When there is only one opinion, sometimes it is wrong.

Though no one’s free to criticize, truth will emerge, erelong.

You may suppress dissent but facts soon bite you in the ass.

The gas that’s passed smells like BS, from Pravda, Fox, and TASS. (1)


Our government is stuck with Cruz, McConnell, and Rand Paul,

DeSantis, Greene, Josh Hawley, Texas, sadly that’s not all.

While here at home, the Trumpists are a bad case of jock itch,

In Russia, Vlad the Short’s economy is in a ditch.


The people in democracies can vote and have their say.

When leaders are incompetent, we’ll throw them out… some day.

But often in autocracies, they have to kill these jerks.

Democracies don’t need that step; that’s how our system works.


The problem with most tyrants is: they never want to leave.

Trump tried an insurrection but did not achieve reprieve.

Though Xi and Putin have fixed things so both of them can stay,

The Donald must raise money, plotting for another day.


So Russians, what will be required to get Vlad off the throne?

(Incompetent and murderous, just rotten to the bone.)

Does someone in his inner circle think that Vlad must go?

By now that’s something lots of Russian people surely know.


  • Pravda, “Truth,” is the official Russian newspaper. “TASS” is the Russian news agency.  They say what Putin wants them to say.  Fox News is not quite as loyal to Trump.