June 7, NRA Interviews

June 7, NRA Interviews


Dumb as a bag of hammers, someone I saw on TV,

Said, “Hammers kill more folks than guns; check Google, you will see.”

The interviewer checked right there; of course it wasn’t true.

But, did “The Hammer” change his mind?  He kept the faith, would you? (1)


Mass killings with a hammer?  Do you think you could name one?

Or suicides with hammers?  Tell us how that would be done.

We hear a lot of dumb things when the NRA’s in town.

“The Hammer” wins the prize this year; give him the laurel crown.


On slavery, our greatest shame, we fought a civil war;

Some seven hundred thousand died, so far, unequaled gore.

One man, was asked of slavery, the civil war, the dead,

And what he thought of those great wrongs.  “No comment,” all he said.


“The Hammer” and “No comment,” don’t speak for the NRA.

But say a lot about the problems that we face today.

When guns are valued more than lives, for slaves, just shoulder shrug,

Both attitudes are causing death and more graves to be dug.


Republicans take their directions from the NRA.

They need “The Hammer’s” and “No comment’s” votes Election Day.

Good guys with guns, bad guys with guns, let them all have a gun.

Gun makers’ business is to sell a gun to everyone.


Amendments to the Constitution: they’ll take number two.

Commandments in the Bible: well, they might break a few.

“No gods before Me,” and, “No idols,” obsolete today? (2)

They contradict the gospel that’s preached by the NRA.


“The Hammer” and “No comment” are two obstacles we face.

But are they typical of voters in the Trumpist base?

Republicans are acting as if they believe they are,

Which means that death from guns will stay a never healing scar.


  • Jason Selvig, of The Good Liars comedy team, interviewed attendees outside the NRA convention last week in Houston. These were two of the interviews he conducted on video.  They’re on the internet, as are the statistics comparing deaths due to guns and hammers.
  • These are the first two of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20: 1-14. Do some of us worship guns as idols?