June 5, Poor Republicans

June 5, Poor Republicans


Alas!, poor Louie Gohmert, the Republicans can’t lie.  (1)

They cannot lie to Congress, can’t lie to the FBI,

Might even be arrested if indicted for a crime,

And, horrors! If convicted, they might even do some time.


Alas! poor Pete Navarro, the man of the Green Bay Sweep, (2)

Pence missed blocking assignments, they lost yardage; Trump yelled, “Bleep!”

Reviewing post game films, poor Pete would not cooperate

And wouldn’t come to meetings; that’s no way to operate.


Steve Bannon, Pete Navarro now both facing time in jail (3)

For plotting insurrection; hear poor Louie Gohmert wail.

They tried to claim they won but lost by seven million votes.

We know exactly what they tried from Pete Navarro’s quotes.


Republicans now want their players to be referees.

If they can’t win games fair and square, then they’ll win them with sleaze.

First downs and scores by Democrats may now be disallowed.

We know all this since guys like Pete described it all aloud.


They tried their insurrection, basing it on Trump’s Big Lie.

They duped a lot of people but it just quite wouldn’t fly.

They tried to cheat but way too late; results were certified.

And they won’t quit until democracy is crucified.


Alas, poor Louie Gohmert, his Republicans can’t lie.

Alas, poor Pete Navarro, when subpoenaed, must comply.

Alas for our democracy, Republicans in charge,

Mean Bannon, Eastman, and Navarro would remain at large. (4)


  • In an interview on June 3, 2022, Louie Gohmert, R, Texas, lamented that Republicans could not lie to Congress or the FBI or “they’re coming after you.” He was aggrieved by Peter Navarro’s arrest.
  • Peter Navarro, Trade Adviser to former President Trump and voluble describer of “The Green Bay Sweep,” in TV interviews, refused to comply with subpoenas from the House January 6 committee. He neither turned over documents nor appeared to testify.  The DOJ indicted him on two criminal counts of contempt of Congress.
  • Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist for Former President Trump has already been indicted for criminal contempt of Congress, among other peccadillos.
  • John Eastman, a Trump attorney, wrote the memo outlining the plan for The Green Bay Sweep. Look it up.