June 29, Vignettes from Cassidy Hutchinson

June 29, Vignettes from Cassidy Hutchinson


With ketchup dripping off the wall and shattered china on the floor,

Now Donald Trump is through with lunch, such cleaning up, a common chore.

When Barr said, “No election fraud,” the Donald flew into a rage;

A common state of mind for Trump: still at the spoiled toddler stage.


Trump knew his 1-6 crowd was armed and said, “Let them in anyway.”

“They’re not here to hurt me,” he said.  Who had they come to hurt that day?

Yes, who had Trump’s crowd come to hurt?  Trump was quite certain that he knew:

The Congress at the Capitol?  Does that put Trump in legal stew?


The crowd was chanting,”Hang Mike Pence!”  “Mike deserves it,” Donald said.

Trump knew that his crowd just might do it and poor Mike could wind up dead.

“Make them stop!” his staffers pleaded, along with toadies from Fox News.

For three hours, though, Trump did nothing; for, after all, he lit the fuse.


Trump told his crowd that he would lead the march down to the Capitol.

His Secret Service agents warned that crimes there might be capital.

The Congress has to certify the votes that the electors cast.

If anybody died (they did,) it’s something Trump might not get past.


Trump caused a scuffle in the car when he was told he would not go

To the Capitol, but White House.  They’d make him watch on video.

Miss Hutchinson has shown us all that Donald Trump’s a spoiled brat.

Because he was the president, should he get off, scot-free, for that?


And now, Liz Cheney has revealed that witnesses are getting calls

Telling them that Donald’s watching, (perhaps designed to shrink their balls?)

It’s clear by now what Trump was trying, plain and simple, was a coup.

And everybody knows that now, so what does Merrick Garland do?