June 26, Rudy Giuliani

June 26, Rudy Giuliani


Rudy Giuliani had his law license suspended.

He’s been a brazen liar, so his law career has ended,

Perpetuating Trump’s Big Lie about his lost election,

Tossed out of court five dozen times, lies, fraud, and misdirection.


The next thing we will likely see is Trump start separating

From Rudy, someone whom Trump has been privately berating.

“Giuliani? Rudy, who?  I saw him last November.

“I’ve never paid him as a lawyer, not that I remember.”


So, who was Rudy working for when he was out “Ukraining?”

Did he think it was Donald Trump that he would help campaigning?

Did he think spreading Donald’s lies, like some Dominion gremlin,

Could win a case in court, although they came straight from the Kremlin?


So, in the end, Trump lost and Rudy now faces disbarment.

Is Rudy’s hair dye running; has he soiled his undergarment?

Like Capitol invaders, Rudy stayed a loyal Trumper.

Now, who is next to fall?  Perhaps Matt Gaetz, the “young broad jumper?”