June 25, The DOJ and Georgia

June 25, The DOJ and Georgia


Let’s hear it for the DOJ

And for the civil rights division.

They’ll make the State of Georgia pay

For their black voting inhibition.


The voting laws that Georgia passed

Seem to be aimed, with great precision,

Just like Jim Crow laws in times past,

To cause black voting rights attrition.


Our new AG is filing suit

To challenge Georgia’s prohibition.

The DOJ suspects the root

Is racist and without contrition.


Now Texas wants to do the same

As Georgia’s racial ostracism.

For both states, it’s a turnout game,

Undemocratic, pure facism.


Restricting votes based on a lie

Deriving from Trump’s narcissism.

We fear democracy may die.

(Recall the 1-6 terrorism.)


The coming battle in the court

Is for the soul of our whole nation.

Now all the courts need the support

Of stronger federal legislation.


When voting is kept free and fair,

It is a threat to right wing power.

Red State lawmakers everywhere

All find the taste of fairness sour.


So, they’ll try to restrict the vote

Because too many black folks voted.

Our Ship of State can’t stay afloat

When voting rights are thus eroded.