July 9, The Big Lie

July 9, The Big Lie


“The election was stolen!”  That’s Donald’s Big Lie.

“Donald won in a landslide,” the Trump faithful cry.

Trump’s belief in the Big Lie continues to grow:

The first time in his life someone told Donald, “No!”


Some eighty one million said to Donald, “Get out!”

With just seventy four, Donald lost in a rout.

Because Trump is a golfer, he likes the low score

(And his low score beat Hillary Clinton before.)


Now just liars and sycophants, QAnon nuts,

And the coprophagic are still backing this putz.

They swallow his BS; they have chosen to dine

On Trump’s colon contents: and then say, “This tastes fine.”


Although Trump took vaccine, most good Trumpists still won’t.

Right wing politicians and Fox News tell them, “Don’t.”

Now it’s Covid Delta that’s attacking Trump’s crowd

And they’re dying in droves, bloody but still unbowed.


Since Donald’s sole interest stops at himself alone,

If supporters should die, there’s no cause to atone.

Why urge the vaccine?  Joe might get credit for that.

All Trump wants is to kick out that damn Democrat.


Trump’s sole thoughts on Covid were, “It made me look bad.”

And helped steal the election; Trump raves he’s been had.

Now that his Capitol insurrection has failed,

Trump has started wondering if he might be jailed.


Red State legislatures have bought into Trump’s fraud.

So, with voter suppression, they’re riding roughshod.

And though sixty court cases found no evidence,

The Big Lie’s their excuse, making no legal sense.


Democracy’s threatened; for right wingers, OK.

Now will Congress let Donald’s Big Lie win the day?

Filibustering keeps legislation on hold.

That fact tells us: Democrats must do something bold.