July 27, If You Got It, Flaunt It

July 27, If You Got It, Flaunt It


Well, if you got it flaunt it; Mrs. Affleck showed us all,

A naked lioness posed in a slinky, sexy crawl.  (1)

She’s putting “booty” back in style with her curvaceous ass,

Well-rounded, firm, unlike some others in the fat ass class.


We celebrate the female form in every type of art,

In drawing, painting, sculpture, the nude female plays a part.

And now, it’s advertising for the beauty products trade

That says, “To look like me, buy this,” the message that’s displayed.


Since JLo is now fifty three and still looks twenty three,

One wonders if it’s genes or creams or plastic surgery,

Perhaps all three contribute to the form she now displays.

Who knows?  Enjoy the view and save your cash for rainy days.


  • Full page ad in the Los Angeles Times, Sunday, July 24, 2002.