July 20, Is Facebook Killing People?

July 20, Is Facebook Killing People?


Joe says that Facebook’s killing people; is that really true?  (1)

Misinformation about Covid, that their pages spew,

Has certainly killed readers who therefore refused vaccine

And caught the virus, choked and died; such outcomes were routine.


Unvaccinated folks spread Covid 19, just like fleas

And rats once spread Yersinia, known as, “Black Death” disease.

Both rats and people, vectors for pandemics, far and wide.

And we know vaccination would have saved most who have died.


Since Facebook spreads misinformation, just like Fox TV

And both know what they’re doing, should we let them off scot free?

What is their culpability when publishing a lie?

Unvaccinated people spread disease, get sick, and die.


What is their liability when they know what is true

But publish lies, lies that kill folks, and maybe me and you?

Should they publish disclaimers after each misleading post?

Or, better yet, not spread misinformation coast to coast?


The concept of a free press is a simple concept: free.

But when they publish lies that kill, should we just let them be?

And what about Rand Paul, MD, who, from his Senate seat,

Misrepresents the science?  How should we treat Paul’s deceit?


Facebook knows lies get readership; they sell more ads for cash.

Fox News and Facebook make a living hawking deadly trash.

“Congress shall make no law…abridging…freedom of the press.” (2)

Are lies that kill our citizens a grievance to redress?


Fox News is now backtracking; so says “Doctor” Hannity.

He finally recognized his viewers need immunity.

For, if Sean’s audience dies off and advertisers balk,

Would Rupert Murdoch then tell Hannity to take a walk?


  • Quote from President Biden, answering a reporter’s question about Facebook’s misinformation on Covid vaccines.
  • From the First Amendment to the Constitution.