July 17, Controlling Women (poem)

July 17, Controlling Women


We have to get women back under control;

They’re too independent, not playing their role,

Asserting that they have a right to a  choice.

Republicans say, “Who said you have a voice?”


The High Court has ruled that states may decide

If having abortions is like homicide.

With right wing religion dictating the law.

If you think about it, can you see a flaw?


And who are these women asserting their right,

Especially when some of them aren’t even white.

I guess that’s what happens when we educate

Our women, so they think their ideas rate.


Are all women enraged and, if not, why not?

You are losing a right for which you have fought.

Do you think how you vote might get your right back?

For now, it’s quite clear that you’re under attack.