January 13, The Weaponization of the Government Committee

January 13, The Weaponization of the Government Committee


McCarthy’s “Weaponization of Government” committee,

To be chaired by Jim Jordan, makes the Republicans giddy.

Now they will try discrediting the old 1-6 committee

And all agree the hearings held will not be very pretty.


The purpose of Jim Jordan’s group is just revenge, not justice.

McCarthy says that no one, “…has a reason to mistrust us.”

Because it seems Jim’s purpose simply is obstructing justice,

His own part in sedition is quite likely to disgust us.


The first day on TV, we’ll see Jim Jordan’s true direction.

He’ll show us that his goal is to protect Trump’s insurrection.

And we won’t see on our TVs a hint of new direction;

The thought of screwing Democrats gives Jordan an erection.


And then, of course, we have the saga of poor Hunter Biden,

Republicans want to find out what Biden has been hidin’.

They think that Hunter’s laptop will help them to smear Joe Biden

And hope that they will cause the rift twixt right and left to widen.


The only plan McCarthy has is more investigations

To try to hurt the Democrats with lots of allegations.

Republicans hurt Hillary with their investigations

Though they produced no proof, no charges, just interrogations.


And lastly, there are documents Joe Biden had been “keeping.”

It’s not the same as Donald’s case but White House aides are weeping.

Top secret documents are not what either should be keeping.

I’m sure that Biden’s private comments would require some bleeping.


Republicans are in the pool; behind them we see bubbles.

With all of their emissions, that’s the least of all our troubles.

Though we do not yet know all that within the cauldron bubbles, (1)

We’ll soon find out and we won’t need a telescope like Hubble’s.


  • See MacBeth, Act IV, Scene 1, by William Shakespeare.