January 12, Rand Paul and Doctor Fauci

January 12, Rand Paul and Doctor Fauci


While scientists seek evidence,

Republicans deny it

And then make up some false pretense,

A reason to defy it.


Rand Paul, Kentucky’s senator,

Just can’t stand Doctor Fauci.

A pseudoscience sophister,

Rand Paul makes Tony grouchy.


Rand Paul has chosen Covid’s side

By choosing pseudoscience,

Not caring for all who have died

By such misplaced reliance.


While Fauci is a scientist,

So facts drive each decision,

Rand Paul is just a fabulist,

And worthy of derision.


The lies that Rand Paul tells cause threats

On Fauci’s life from “crazies.”  (1)

It doesn’t seem that Rand Paul frets

Someone might push up daisies.


Rand Paul objects to government,

Almost all legislation:

For healthcare and environment,

Almost all regulation.


But Fauci really drives him nuts

Rand can’t stand facts from Tony.

So Rand keeps proving he’s a putz,

By citing stuff that’s phony.


Kentucky gave us Mitch and Rand,

Who constipate the Senate.

The body might as well disband

For nothing gets done in it.


  • From Senate testimony by Dr. Fauci about the effect of Paul’s lies about him.