Insurance Risks

London’s Goodfellows company sold a policy to Claire Roe for about $350 to pay out $170,000 against loss of beauty. Dreamboys, a stripper troupe pay a premium of $15,000 a year to pay off $1.2 million if their genitals are injured by fans.

Among the firms most popular policies are: the Alien All Risks package for $400 a year to pay out $1.7 million if they are abducted or impregnanted by an alien (they have sold this to 40,000 people so far); and 15,000 women bought Y2K immaculate conception insurance in 1999, scared that they would be asked to give birth to the messiah.

This report goes from the ridiculous to the more ridiculous. Some people have bizarre attitudes, but these policies prove that some people are easily fooled because they believe and do not think rationally. They are the fodder for charlatans.

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