February 22, Trump and Putin

Republicans all stand in line to kiss the Donald’s ass,
Then register for Tucker Carlson’s Putin-worship class.
They’re showing us they don’t believe in our democracy.
They seem to like the taste and smell of pure autocracy.

Now Putin’s going on a tear, imprisoning his foes,
And murdering and poisoning; each day the long list grows.
Prigozhin and Navalny should be called to testify;
Oh wait, they cannot help us, Vlad ensured that both would die.

In Putin’s Russia it’s a crime to even criticize.
Then Vlad says, “Nyet,” in ways he doesn’t bother to disguise,
Like “falling” from high windows, poisoning, and bombing planes.
And, though we call that murder, Vlad says, “No one here complains.”

The Carlson servile flattery is simply nauseous,
Metastasizing to the MAGAts, it seems cancerous.
Some senators say they don’t care what happens to Ukraine. (1)
Though covered with Vlad’s excrement, they do not mind the stain.

Now Donald wants his MAGAts to start punishing Ukraine,
By helping Putin win the war, their methods are quite plain:
Denying military aid so they cannot fight back,
Not caring after Putin’s won, whom else he might attack.

Now everyone in Russia has to kiss Vlad Putin’s ass.
But why do Trump and MAGAts here line up to breathe his gas?
Do they all like the smell of Putin-processed stroganoff?
And when he kills more people, will they all just laugh it off?

As Trumpists become Putinistas, freedom disappears.
It seems that Trumpists like the smell of autocratic rears.
Obeisance by our GOP who bow down to their Don,
Means, just like Putin’s Russia, our democracy is gone.

(1) Remark by Senator J. D. Vance, R (OH), February 20, 2022