February 20, Presidential Immunity

Trump wants to have immunity,
Just like Vlad Putin has.
Vlad murders with impunity;
Trump still fears Alcatraz.

Just this week in Siberia,
We heard Navalny died.
And, unlike in America,
Nobody will be tried.

Now Donald’s dream is just the same:
To be above the law,
Committing crimes, escaping blame,
An arrogant scofflaw.

Our highest court has Trump’s appeal;
Two lower courts said, “No.”
And one more, “No,” will seal the deal.
Judge Chutkan can say, “Go.”

Our highest court can duck the case;
Then Trump’s goose will be cooked.
For then, he still will have to face
The charge for which he’s booked.

With Jack Smith nipping at his rear,
Trump’s straits are looking dire.
With evidence against him clear,
He’s in deep fecal mire.

Trump’s strategy: delay, delay,
Just to prevent a trial,
And keep his just deserts at bay,
Avoiding durance vile.

Now Trump’s lost all his civil trials,
With judgements for big bucks.
No judge or jury bought his wiles;
They all thought Donald sucks.

Trump rails against the DOJ,
The judges, and the law.
Before appeals, though, he must pay
A bond, which rubs him raw.

So keep on following the news,
More Judgement Days draw nigh,
To make the Donald pay his dues,
With truth Trump can’t deny.