Donald at the Bat – Day 347

Day 347

The New Year’s here and Trump has flung the gauntlet with a tweet:

Without the Wall, there’ll be no DACA.  What a way to treat

Undocumented children, all brought here in innocence.

So, Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men, but first build Donald’s fence.


And pay with what?  The tax cut bill left Congress with no way

To fund the Wall and Mexico told us, “No way, Jose.”

Go deeper into deficit?  Trump’s comfortable with debt.

Or, maybe stiff contractors?  With Trump’s history, a good bet.


Hire Mexicans to build the Wall.  Trump knows that they work cheap.

And, when it’s time for payment, just arrest them in their sleep,

Deport them back to Mexico, where they can get in line

Outside our office where there is a big “Help Wanted,” sign.


The fat man up in North Korea, gave a scary speech.

He has a button on his desk for missiles that can reach

America, to counter all the threats that Trump has made to him

Who has the bigger penis?  Is it Donald Trump or Kim?


It’s frightening when two coxcombs collide on the world stage,

And brag about the bombs they have in this atomic age.

“I’ll tell you, I get no respect,” says Kim like Dangerfield. (1)

And Trump wants more, it’s worship.  And, on that, he’ll never yield.


Will demonstrations in Iran destroy stability?

Their young folks want more freedom and more opportunity

To read the internet, not just what some Ayatollah said.

Democracy’s appealing; will theocracy be dead?


So, Happy New Year, everyone, with Trump and Kim at odds

And Christians, Jews, and Muslims all insisting that their gods

Deserve respectful worship but all other gods do not,

It’s wise that California made it legal to smoke pot.


Rodney Dangerfield, American comedian, 1921-2004.