Donald at the Bat – Day 87, She”s Not My Type

Day 887, She’s Not My Type


“She’s not my type,” said Donald, to deny one more assault.

He sure knows how to wound a woman, and pour in the salt.

Insulting Stormy Daniels and a woman on a plane,

If you’re no “ten” then Trump won’t rape you; he’s made that quite plain.


Fifteen or sixteen women are accusing Donald Trump

Of unprovoked advances, basically attempted hump.

He’s paid a lot in settlements to keep all this stuff quiet.

But Donald’s main defense has been: deny, deny, deny it


Dehumanizing women, children, that’s the Donald’s style.

His wives age out and, one by one, they pass through Trump’s turnstile.

He tries new prospects out while he’s still married to the last.

And, now that he is president, is that stuff in the past?


He suckers our coal miners and shuts out the refugees.

The liberals are busy writing several eulogies.

But Donald is still with us and you’d think we’d feel the shame.

I guess that doesn’t happen when it’s all a power game.