Donald at the Bat – Day 866, Indict or Not Indict?

Day 866, Indict or Not Indict?


Indict or not indict?  Was Mueller’s query.

A DOJ opinion made him leery.

Did Trump commit a crime?

Bob can’t say at this time.

But Donald wasn’t cleared, in legal theory.


Impeach or not impeach?  That is the question.

We see Pelosi getting indigestion.

The Democratic base

Sees a compelling case.

The evidence all points in that direction.


Collude or not collude?  What was the finding?

Cooperation’s clear though road was winding.

The Russians helped Trump win.

Is that a crime or sin?

Bob could not find agreements that were binding.


Obstruct or not obstruct?  What was Trump doing?

The evidence is steadily accruing.

On reading Bob’s report,

It’s clear Trump did resort.

To firings, lying to obscure wrongdoing.