Donald at the Bat – Day 844, Chinese Tariffs

Day 844, Chinese Tariffs


As we raise tariffs on China and they retaliate,

Consumer prices start to rise as trade wars escalate.

Cheap Chinese goods flood markets; intellectual property,

Stolen by China threatens national security.


Higher prices discourage cheap goods that China exports,

Reducing the volume of goods the USA imports.

The market’s acting nervous. Stock prices fall day by day.

Expensive goods for consumers, looks like a gloomy May.


Trade wars involving Trump and Xi should frighten everyone

Because we know that both these guys will cheat most anyone.

So any deal these two may sign, they’ll likely violate,

Perhaps before the ink is dry; that’s how they operate.


We have a global market, something we must realize.

We need cooperation, not a policy of lies.

But Donald and his “good friend Xi,” have personalities

That seek to “win” or dominate; damn legal niceties.


So we are in a trade war; Trump says we’re a cinch to win.

Economists say both sides lose, in spite of Donald’s spin.

As usual, Trump doesn’t understand some basic facts.

We see what most investors think from how the Dow reacts.


How best to keep the Chinese honest, no one knows for sure.

And we know Donald is dishonest and there is no cure.

Will things get worse before they’re better?  Very likely so.

Gird up your loins and hunker down; ill winds are sure to blow.