Donald at the Bat – Day 842, Grappling with Words

Day 842, Grappling with Words


He’s “grappling with the word, ‘suggest,’”

Bill didn’t say those words in jest.

That’s how we learned from William Barr

Just how low Donald set the bar.


Though Falwell gives Trump full support,

He’s sailed his ship too far from port.

He tells his Christian crew to pray

While Donald views this crew as prey.


We know that Donald owes someone

We think that Vladimir’s the one.

But what does Putin have on him,

That makes Trump sing a Russian hymn?


Trump’s history is just surreal;

We do not know how much is real.

He cheats on contracts that he signs;

His past is rife with warning signs.


Reality sets Trump apart;

It simply does not play a part.

Wherever Trump stands, sits, or lies,

When Donald speaks, he’s telling lies.


Trump does not bother to disguise

The lies he tells to gals and guys.

He tells lies every day, all week.

Regard for truth is awfully weak.


Trump tells us that he will enrich

America since he is rich.

But when he speaks, just bullshit flies;

He knows he’s spreading food for flies.


Now, is impeachment overreach?

And will the public ever reach

Agreement on what we must do?

For Trump, has reckoning come due?


So, will the Donald be retired?

And, are sufficient voters tired

Of folks like Trump and William Barr,

And where the Donald sets the bar?