Donald at the Bat – Day 785 again, The Ides of March

The Ides of March, Day 785


Two thousand years ago in Rome, when Caesar bought the farm,

The Roman Senate took him down; they viewed him with alarm.

He wanted to be dictator, which led some to decide,

They’d end his power usurpation by tyrannicide.


It was the Ides of March when they committed their foul deed.

The seer had warned Caesar to beware; he did not heed.

And now our Senate has told Trump, there’s no “emergency.”

But Trump vetoed both House and Senate, to rule by decree.


The Constitution, Article I: power of the purse

Is given to the Congress, which Trump now wants to reverse.

So, will the Congress let Trump arrogate authority?

For they can kill his veto by two thirds majority.


Republicans will likely back the Donald on his Wall.

Some share his bigotry; brown folks should not come here at all.

Now, will shared bigotry prevent a veto override

And show the country Donald Trump has just been deified?


Should we consider Donald Trump to be a demigod?

That’s certainly all right with him, though facts show he’s a fraud.

If Congress won’t stand up to Trump: a bigot, con man, liar,

It won’t be Caesar but our Congress on the funeral pyre.


Mark Antony delivered Julius Caesar’s eulogy.

His speech, in Shakespeare’s version, fairly drips with irony.

He said the Roman Senators were “honorable men.”

Today, not knives but votes will show their “honor” once again.