Donald at the Bat – Day 774, Who’s Afraid of AOC?

Day 774, Who’s Afraid of AOC? (1)


Who is that stealing down your hall?

It’s AOC, the socialist.

So why’s she making this house call?

Just what is on her shopping list?


She’s coming for your rib eye steaks.

(Of course, she’ll take your hamburgers.)

And all the sugar in your cakes,

And Nathan’s kosher frankfurters.



It’s AOC’s green energy

And our coal miners eulogy.

We can’t pollute the skies above

Or eat hamburgers that we love.


She wants tuition to be free

At colleges across the land.

Then we can’t pull our trumpery

When science gets the upper hand.


She also wants to tax the rich

(But still leave them on easy street.)

We won’t fall for her left-wing pitch.

We’re comfortable that rich folks cheat.


Chorus 2:

It’s socialists like AOC

With taxes and green energy,

And throw in Medicare for all.

What do we really need?  A wall.

And so, to hell with AOC.

And colored folks’ hysteria.

Why can’t left wingers let us be

A Christian, white America?


Chorus 2:

It’s socialists like AOC…..


(1)  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman from New York