Donald at the Bat – Day 765, The “Very Tremendous Summit”

Day 765, The “Very Tremendous Summit”


When Donald meets with Kim, his friend,

In Viet Nam, this week,

Whatever they may both intend,

Agreement will be weak.


Since Donald Trump won’t keep a deal

And Kim is just the same,

There’s reason for us all to feel

They’ll play a cheating game.


They signed a deal in Singapore

But Kim kept none of it.

And, if they sign a deal once more,

Expect the same old shit.


Since everybody knows that Kim

Intends to keep “the bomb,”

If we have hopes of moving him,

We’ll have to grease his palm.


But, even if we pay him off,

We can’t trust Kim Jong Un.

He’ll send Trump home to play some golf,

Then play the same old tune.


So, they will dominate the news,

In print and on TV,

Two narcissists in their milieus,

Both saying, “Notice me!”