Donald at the Bat – Day 763, Andrew McCabe Weighs In

Day 763, Andrew McCabe Weighs In


Andrew McCabe just wrote a book, detailing times he met

In presidential briefings where he learned Trump was a threat.

Is Trump a Russian asset?  Right wing pundits are outraged.

And from the Donald’s tweeting, you can see he is enraged.


When Trump was told that North Koreans had ICBMS

And kept their atom bomb program, he gave some haws and hems.

Trump said that Putin said that our intelligence was wrong

And he would stick with Vladimir.  His confidence was strong.


And that is not the only time that Trump chose to believe

The Russians on intelligence.  Is Donald just naïve?

We all remember Helsinki, when Trump and his friend, Vlad,

Met with the press together and Trump showed that he’d been had.


For Donald said that Putin said he did not interfere

In our elections, even though the evidence is clear.

But Donald said he trusted Vladimir when he denied

The interference that our experts showed was cut and dried.


So, what does Putin have on Trump?  That question: critical.

Is Trump a Russian asset?  Is that too heretical?

For Trump believes the Russians, not our own intelligence.

And Donald seems to be immune to all our evidence.


To think Trump is a Russian stooge, although that isn’t nice,

Is not a rash conclusion, since he will not take advice.

We’ll have to see what Mueller says.  Suspense is palpable.

The other possibility is Trump is simply dull.