Donald at the Bat – Day 760, President’s Day

Day 760, President’s Day


A conference on security in Munich yesterday—

The crowd cheered Merkel and applauded Biden, by the way.

But when our sycophant-in-chief just mentioned Donald Trump,

The room was silent and we saw the VP’s shoulders slump.


They need a strong America, need NATO to be strong.

With Donald as our leader, our direction is all wrong.

Their silence when his name came up spoke volumes, loud and clear.

And we know silence sometimes is more telling than a cheer.


The president goes on and on about newfound respect

The whole world has for him and us, but last time that we checked,

It seems they think that Trump’s an ass; our leadership is gone.

The blowhard in the White House is now known as Putin’s pawn.


For Donald Trump has made it clear that he takes Putin’s word.

Mistrusting our intelligence is patently absurd.

Trump says he trusts his gut or some statistics he can’t cite.

It’s either Russian “kompromat” or Trump ain’t very bright.


So, what does Putin have on Trump?  It’s critical to know.

What is the nature of the threat?  What is the quid pro quo?

Bob Mueller ay enlighten us; we wait for his report.

Then, after Trump leaves office, will he spend his life in court?