Donald at the Bat – Day 758, Fence Those Folks In (parody to “Don’t Fence Me In”)

Day 758, Fence Those Folks In

(May be sung to “Don’t Fence Me In)


I’ll build a wall, concrete wall, all along the Rio Grande.

Fence those folks in.

Caravans, Mexicans, brown folks threatening our land:

Fence those folks in.


Let me play golf in peace with my friends of means,

While watching my “illegals” as they’re mowing my greens.

Keep us white forever, save our Anglo genes.

Fence those folks in.


If they’re turned loose, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans

Will infest our native land.

They will produce such disorder at the border

That we have to make a stand.


I’ll go down to the stream where our land commences

And build a wall to protect our census.

The only way to do this is constructing fences.

Fence those folks in.  Yes, fence them in.