Donald at the Bat – Day 753, The Budget and the Wall

Day 753, The Budget and the Wall


This Friday is the latest deadline for a budget bill.

Will Democrats or Donald have to take a bitter pill?

For Nancy says that there will be no money for a wall

And Trump says, “Build a wall or there’s no government at all.”


The Ds and Rs debate the Wall and ICE detention beds.

The Rs know that brown immigrants are folks Trump says he dreads.

The Ds know that we are a nation made of immigrants.

We’ll see how long the Rs hold out as Donald’s sycophants.


Though facts do not support him, Trump insists upon his way.

For he must build a wall to keep his howling base at bay.

But, if he builds a wall, then he may cause himself some stress.

We know he hires “illegals;” he can make them work for less.


Suppose the Donald knows his wall will not keep brown folks out,

And, his supply of workers will not dry up in a drought.

He’ll keep Ann Coulter happy and have workers to exploit.

Who ever thought that Donald’s thinking could be that adroit?


So Donald claims walls and detention are discouragement.

Though, since he hires “illegals,” that looks like encouragement.

Hypocrisy means nothing to the Donald or the Rs,

Which also frees them to make deals with Putin’s commissars.