Donald at the Bat – Day 735, Donald’s Incompetence

Day 735, Donald’s Incompetence


How much more evidence do we need

That Donald is incompetent?

How many more articles must we read

On shutting down the government?

How many more stories must we see

That show that Trump is Putin’s tool?

How many to convince you and me

That Trump did not do well in school?


How many appointments still unmade

And needed in each agency?

How many payments to gals he laid

To hide his infidelity?

How many more speeches must we hear

Of bloviating arrogance?

How many more ‘til it’s crystal clear

His arrogance hides ignorance?


Has Donald finally met his match?

Pelosi has the Speaker’s post.

She’s not just an itch for him to scratch.

With Nancy the Donald is toast.