Donald at the Bat – Day 725, Love Song for Donald and Vladimir (parody to ‘Santa Lucia’)

Day 725, Love Song for Donald and Vladimir

(Sing to “Santa Lucia”)


Donald loves Vladimir, everyone knows it.

Undying loyalty, every act shows it.

(Repeat first two lines)

Putin helped Donald win; that we’ve concluded.

Now we’re unraveling why they colluded.


Trump was a businessman in need of money,

Cheating on everyone, even his honey.


Putin was KGB, saw opportunity

Putting some rubles in Donald Trump’s kitty.


If Trump were President, he would have power.

Vlad could manipulate and make Trump cower.


Money or pee pee tape, both in Steele’s dossier.

What will Bob Mueller say?  Right now, it’s hearsay.


We know when there is smoke, there should be fire.

Trump says, “No,” but he is a chronic liar.


Evidence piling high, we have a potpourri.

Nothing like this before, throughout our hist’ry.


Is Donald working for Putin and Russians?

Everyone’s forced to have painful discussions.


What will Bob Mueller say?  Everyone’s growing tense.

We can’t wait one more day for Donald’s sentence.