Donald at the Bat – Day 718, parody to Auld Lang Syne

Day 718

(May be sung to Auld Lang Syne) (1)


Lest anyone of us forgets that Trump has lost his mind,

In cataloguing our regrets, let history rewind.

Let history rewind, my friends,

And, sadly, we will find

Collusion and emoluments,

Dishonesty defined.


The Donald is Vlad Putin’s friend, of that there is no doubt,

A charge that Donald can’t defend, though he may tweet and pout.

So let the Donald lie and tweet

And let the Donald spout.

Collusion dripped through WikiLeaks

And Donald was found out.


Trump kept his businesses intact, whence come emoluments.

That clearly is a glaring fact, unless you’re rather dense.

The money paid by Arab sheiks

And foreign governments,

All add to Donald’s bottom line.

Once more, there’s no defense.


Then there’s obstruction and the lies (and Trump lies all the time)

And lying daily surely buys a name that stands for slime.

As Trump fired Comey, further acts

May prove to be a crime.

Has Donald dug himself a hole

From which he cannot climb?


Must Donald face impeachment or election two years hence?

With Rudy as his troubadour, there’s reason to be tense.

Bob Mueller’s millstones slowly grind.

Can Trump take the suspense?

Once Bob has shown what Donald knew,

Will he then turn to Pence?


(1)  I am indebted to Alan Sherman who wrote:

There was a man whose name was Lang,

Who had a neon sign.

And Mister Lang was very old

So we called it Old Lang’s sign.