Donald at the Bat – Day 708 (May be sung to Deck the Halls)

Day 708 (May be sung to Deck the Halls)


Donald’s making vows of folly.

“We will build a wall and we won’t pay.

“Keep the brown folks out, by golly!

“Even better Mexico will pay.

“Brown folks put us all in peril.

“Oops, we hear Mexico will not pay.”

Donald’s promises were sterile.

Democrats say Congress will not pay.


Donald’s base, in nasty chorus,

Chanted, “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!”

Ulcerating his pylorus,

Donald sits and waits for Mueller’s call.

Schumer views it all with pleasure,

Standing Trump up against his own wall.

It’s a liberal Yuletide treasure,

Watching Donald stumble.  Will he fall?


Fast away the old year passes.

Does impeachment loom?  We still don’t know.

Evidence of crimes amasses.

Has there been collusion?  Trump tweets, “No!”

Will the country pull together?

Once again we must say, “We don’t know.”

Could there be more stormy weather?

Donald’s fuse is lit.  When will he blow?