Donald at the Bat – Day 706

Day 706


To change the daily narrative, Trump flew off to Iraq

To visit soldiers, take some selfies, then to fly right back.

He says he isn’t planning to bring soldiers there back here.

And that, of course, makes some folks think withdrawal time is near.


Trump says that we’ll no longer be policeman of the world.

Why should our soldiers go where instability has swirled?

When we help other countries now, we’ll henceforth charge a fee.

Trump tells us, “No one’s going to make a sucker out of me!”


The government stays closed ‘til Trump gets money for his wall.

The Donald says that he will not negotiate at all.

The Democrats won’t either, so how much will Donald yield?

He says he won’t; that means he will, as history revealed.


So chaos reigns as usual, around the world and home.

Trump’s contradictions won’t survive the press’s fine tooth comb.

Trump claims that we’re respected now; the opposite is true.

For no one trusts us anymore; that’s the contrary view.