Donald at the Bat – Day 698

Day 698


The Russians used our social media to help Trump win.

They hit us hard in 2016.  They’ll do it again.

The Senate has investigated.  Their report is clear.

From Donald Trump’s inaction, we still have the Bear to fear.


The Russkies helped suppress the Black vote—bad for Hillary.

Though Trump says, “No collusion,” that sure smells of treachery.

Now, day by day we find out more on Trump and Russian deals.

So could it be we’re finding how collusion looks and feels?


Did Putin think Trump would be easy to manipulate?

Did Putin dislike Hillary as pundits speculate?

The Western World is in a mess.  Is Putin better off?

But no one likes the Russians, so I guess all bets are off.


The sentencing of Michael Flynn has been postponed today.

The judge was very angry and had quite a lot to say.

So, all the help that Flynn gave Mueller may not be enough

And Flynn may face a sentence that’s not lenient, but tough.


The courts are taking a dim view of Trump’s “crime family.”

Especially all the lapses in collective memory

Of conversations with the Russians, face to face or phone.

And now it’s looking more and more like many must atone.


Have most Republicans revealed a soul as black as coal?

Have all their ethics disappeared into a huge black hole?

They know they backed a criminal but why do they not care?

We know once in a black hole, nothing can return from there.