Donald at the Bat – Day 660, Who?

Day 660, Who?


The Donald says he doesn’t know Matt Whitaker at all.

Although he knew him in the springtime, he forgot by fall.

Is this organic brain disease or is it just a lie?

Or maybe it is both of those; Trump is that kind of guy.


Now even Fox reports that Trump and Whitaker have met.

For Matt came to the White House many times so Trump could get

Reports on Sessions and on other folks in DOJ,

So, “I don’t know Matt,” is just unbelievable to say.


Another thing that Trump “forgot,” the money that he paid

To Stormy and to Playmates that he won’t admit he laid.

It was a lot of money, which makes Donald’s innards churn,

So, if Trump can’t remember that, is that cause for concern?


The Wall Street Journal tells us Donald authorized it all.

He didn’t want us all to know the gals he chose to ball.

Forgetting, lying, both at once?  Organic brain disease?

A psychiatric problem, or just Donald’s “normal” sleaze?