Donald at the Bat – Day 650

Day 650


The Constitution says to all those born here in this land

And subject to our jurisdiction, we extend our hand

To all as birthright citizens but now the Donald says,

That that’s part of the Constitution he can countermand.


He’ll sign an order telling them that what they are, they’re not.

Most legal scholars say he can’t.  Might Trump still take a shot?

Is this just an election stunt to keep his base stirred up?

For we all know too well that Donald likes to stir the pot.


Republicans are desperate for issues they can use.

The tax cut has no traction; Beto just might beat Ted Cruz.

And now the voters seem to like Obamacare.  Who knew?

So Trump does anything he can to light the right wing fuse.


Well, might suppressing voters give Republicans a chance?

It’s obvious they’re trying; you can see that at a glance.

For all the red state legislatures make it hard to vote.

If you are black or brown they do not want you to advance.


One thing Trump found that they can do is lie about health care.

Republicans have tried their best to kill Obamacare.

But now they say they didn’t.  (Basically, that’s just a lie.)

When desperate to win they’ll use a lie just like a prayer.


In summary, Trump’s on the stump and pushing lies and hate.

It worked in 2016.  Does that make our country great?

Our nation’s soul is now on trial.  What will the judge decide?

We’re our own judge and jury, for our votes decide our fate.