Donald at the Bat – Day 591

Day 591

A failure of our churches and a failure of our schools:

These two great institutions have produced a ship of fools.

Deficiencies of ethical and knowledge base are clear.

Now Donald Trump is President, the price we paid, too dear.


Our ministers preach brotherhood, then herd us into tribes

Who tolerate too willingly crude, racist diatribes.

We tolerate false witness, serial adultery,

And Trump’s campaign that started with appeals to bigotry.


Our education system has not taught us history,

Humanities or science, basics of democracy,

So we are putty in the hands of those who tell us lies.

Such ignorance may lead to our democracy’s demise.


Trump’s lying narcissism clear—yet we elected him.

A sign: Beware!  The light of liberty is growing dim.