Donald at the Bat – Day 585, The Smallness of Donald Trump

Day 585

America’s disease has struck again.

One more mass shooting, twenty eighth, this year.

A video game contest for young men,

Which should not seem a game that they should fear.


A pizza joint in Jacksonville, the scene;

The shooter had come down from Baltimore.

At least he made the finish neat and clean;

He shot himself as many have before.


Rick Scott, the Governor, said we should pray,

While others call for action, but just what?

In other lands they take most guns away

But in America, that door is shut.


In Florida, the gun laws are quite lax.

Guess what?  They will have more of these attacks.


The Smallness of Donald Trump

The Trumpian reaction to the death of John McCain,

Small minded, petty and displaying Donald’s psychic pain,

In seeing a man honored who had not bowed down to Trump,

A man whose service to his country kicks Trump in the rump.


While John was captured, tortured, “Old Bone Spurs” had dodged the draft.

What Trump is mostly known for now is business based on graft.

John’s service, conscience, principles are concepts Trump can’t grasp.

Will these flaws in Trump’s character be Cleopatra’s asp?


Today Trump scowled repeatedly when pressed hard by the press

To say some words on John McCain but finally the stress

Became so onerous that his staff forced the Donald’s hand.

He finally put a statement out, though clearly forced and bland.


“He served his country.”  That’s what John McCain hoped would be said.

“He served himself,” what will be said when Donald Trump is dead.