Donald at the Bat – Day 576

Day 576

Security clearances are on Trump’s chopping block,

Intelligence leadership all staring at the clock.

They’re wondering if it’s time for Donald’s ax to fall.

Just for criticism, will Donald behead them all?


The White House has made it clear: all must bow to the Don

You must kiss the sovereign’s ring or be flushed down the john.

You must be a sycophant like Priebus and Mike Pence,

Discarding your principles, though at your soul’s expense.


So Jared, the son-in-law, whose forms were falsified,

Is cleared for “Top Secret,” though he was at first denied.

While Brennan, the former Director of CIA,

Had his clearance yanked over something he had to say.


Though our First Amendment has guaranteed speech is free,

The President raised the rates; speak out and you will see.