Donald at the Bat – Day 566, Retribution

Day 566, Retribution

Our nation, buffeted by storms, in California, fire

The wildfires literally in swarms, show Mother Nature’s ire.

The oceans stir up hurricanes, Hawaii in the path,

With Caribbean winds and rains confirming Nature’s wrath.


The Earth tells us she’s boiling mad, febbrile on land and sea.

She’s telling mankind we’ve been bad.  Now we’re a fricassee.

Right wingers say this isn’t so, disputing scientists.

Though wildfires rage and windstorms blow, their stubborness persists.


How hot will our Earth have to be, how turbulent the winds,

Until right wingers hear and see the message Nature sends?

It’s burning fossil fuels that is heating up the pot.

The facts are still the facts if you believe them or do not.